Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ride for Roswell

Well it was a rainy forecast and it was definitely a rainy day to start off!

It was pouring as we waited inside Alumni Area waiting for the start to happen and then it stopped raining so we began our 62.5 mile trek through northeast Erie county! It was a comfortable day for sure and the rest stops were well stocked so there was no chance of bonking going on!

We took a real easy pace the whole day. A couple of times I went off and did some hard riding, but it was about a low heart rate and keeping my zone in check. Around mile 45 I told Todd good thing we are heading south that storm looks pretty bad - boom!

We proceeded to get drenched for the next 5 miles or so. It was fun and actually enjoyable. Sort of like when you are a kid and you sneak outside to play in the rain. Well we had no one to yell at us for being wet so we stayed outside and got drenched!

Finished up, put the bikes up, got some good food and went home to nap. I was more tired than I thought I would be for some strange reason!

I love the aspect of the Ride for Roswell and hope to always be able to ride in it to support the cancer research center and give others hope. They always feed you great and provide a great atmosphere for a fun ride. Someday I might actually ride it hard just for a good workout as well!

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