Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Trying to be more consistent with the writing

Well I snuck out of the house early today and went for an extended commute to work. I ended up just over 21 miles but could have done more if I would have realized how early it was. Oh well, gives me something to contemplate on future commutes.

The ride home last night was a lot better than any before. Climbing up Chestnut Ridge did not wipe me out and I felt good when I finished up!

I love riding this time of the year. Not too hot, no rain, and it is refreshing to be out on the road. I cannot believe just 4 months ago I was doing 40 to 50 miles in the snow, cold, and wind! Makes these days much more peaceful and relaxing!

Saturday is the Ride for Roswell - Doing 62.5 miles and I cannot wait to see how much different I feel this year compared to last year. I know we will be slower, but who cares it is a charity ride!

Sunday is the First Quakerman Sprint Tri in OP. I might sneak out and do it just for fun. Will run that one by on the homefront first though!

Time to start planning fun for Colorado and California next month. I love traveling to these places for work and being able to play around!

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