Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Well it is mid-august already and the last time I posted was July 1st. We finished the kitchen project up so hopefully I will be able to do some more long runs and rides to discuss in this blog of mine :)

This weekend I am doing my first triathlon - XTERRA which is a swim, mountain bike ride, and trail run. I am really looking forward to it and hope all goes well (which means finishing!). I know I will be slow out of the water, but will hopefully make up a lot of ground on the bike and running.

Other than that, I am now training for the Philadelphia Marathon. So hopefully I will be able to get some more information down on how the runs are going, but I really hate giving up bicycle time right now. I am sure I can do both and not kill myself physically.

I will post a post-XTERRA report next week just to let you know how things went!

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