Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TransIowa - Some Continuing Thoughts

This is from my BeginnerTriathlete Log that I posted today:
So as I was walking in from my free parking spot I feel like the blinders have been taken off of me concerning TransIowa. Instead of beating myself up, I need to look at the whole experience and be greatful that I was able to train like I did all winter long, that I went to the starting line healthy (no injuries at all), and I was healthy after the weekend and still could and wanted to ride my bike!
Many said that to me, but it is like telling a blind man the sky is blue. Until he sees it for himself does he truly believe you? Well I would tell myself you all were right, but inside I had the opposite feeling - until today.

And then this a little while later:
I was e-mailing Eric from TransIowa and he put it very eloquently - The TransIowa is haunting! Perfect. The word I have been looking for.Definition:
having a quality of great beauty or sadness so as to be memorableNow the question is what is TransIowa: a quality of beauty or a quality of sadness or a combination of both? Today I think it is the combination. In my future years without successful completion of this beast I might see it as sadness until I can see the beauty in being able to participate in such an undertaking. Succesful completion might bring both back into the equation - a goal successfully reach (beauty) yet the destination has been reached (sadness).A history of TransIowa is available here: http://guitarted1961.wordpress.com/about/And yes I am listed on the roster :)

Thursday May 7th:
Pity party is over. I have been struggling with even doing a TransIowa type event again in the future. As a Christian, father, husband, and employee there is such a huge dedication needed to complete in successfully, much less win, an event like it and that has been my struggle. I physically know I can train to be successful, but do I want to make that type of time committment.I really believe that I received an answer today. There is a way to balance it all out and that is what I am going to try and attempt to schedule a way to balance it. I am not anal about scheduling stuff. If I feel like riding long I ride long. If I want to swim I swim. You get the picture. Well I guess now I need to sit down with the family and do a real schedule to ensure there is enough time for everything in there.A good thing at work is flex time started up so I will have 2-4 day weekends each month until the new year.
thank you for all the inspires, messages, comments about TransIowa. Soul searching is a good thing and putting my thoughts into words just makes it easier for me to comprehend in the end. thanks to all
Well the RD just put his words down: http://www.transiowa.blogspot.com/
He puts it so much better than I could have.
Even though T.I.V5 has just been completed, a T.I.V6 is already in the works. Look for updates on this event at http://www.transiowa.blogspot.com/
Those words brought a smile to my face and I guess mentally every bike ride from now until next May is in preperation for this!I love when my body gets chills just thinking about it!
It isn’t for everyone, but it is definitely a life changing experience that all of us involved with Trans Iowa can attest to - Guitar-Ted (RD)

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