Friday, October 16, 2009

Wow is it Winter Time Already

I/We woke up to 2" of snow on the cars and lawn but not the road. This is crazy and it is only October 16th. Time for an Indian Summer right!

I have been slack posting lately but not much is going on.

There are some plans in the making for next month - heading to Arizona and taking a bike ride from Phoenix up to The Grand Canyon for some sightseeing. It will be 500 miles round trip approximately and I have 5 days including sightseeing. I arrive late Thursday so I plan on doing 150 Friday and 100 Saturday - hope to see sunset at the Canyon.

Going to hang around Sunday morning and head out Sunday afternoon for 60 or so. Contemplating a 200 miler Monday for TransIowa training. I think that will be a good test. I fly out Tuesday afternoon so I need to get bike back to shop for shipment and then it will be winter training time back in Buffalo!

That is going to include some skiing at this area here:

This is Kissing Bridge ski area 2 weeks ago. The leaves of change or a changing.

Get out there and ride/run/swim :)

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